Recurrent and Capital Expenditure Division

There are three units in the Recurrent and Capital Expenditure Division, Payroll Unit, Pension and Gratutity Unit, Projects, Stores and Creditors Unit the responsibility of each unit work has been briefly described below


Payroll Unit

Auditors in payroll are concerned with the emoluments due to current staff of an organization it or list of people who are employed by an organization along with employee information and the value of wages due to each of them. Auditors ensure that each staff is entitled to a monthly basis salary and allowances applicable to his grade or level as approved by the University Council from time to time and nothing more. Ensuring that the rightly approved staff were enlisted, deduction from salary of staff on loans or school fees, raising of variations. Each staff is entitled to a monthly basis to the salary and allowances applicable to his grade or level as approved by the University Council from time to time.

This include among others:

  1. Basic salary
  2. Rent subsidy (Housing Allowance)
  • Transport allowance already consolidated
  1. Medical Allowance
  2. Hazard Allowance
  3. Conpual Allowance/Peculiar
  • Shift and Call Duty
  • Overtime Allowance
  1. Government Tax
  2. Other Allowances




Pension Unit

Pension is generally conceived as the sum of money paid regularly by employers to employees who have retired from the service due to attaining the official fixed age limit in service or other reasons like sickness, widowhood or disability while Gratuity is a lump sum amount paid by the employer to the employee as a token of appreciation for the service rendered towards the organization. The pension scheme is now divided into two: old and the new scheme. The Pension Reform Act (2004) which was adopted by Ekiti State government in the year 2010 and deduction from staff salary and remittance to the registered Pension Fund Administrators was implemented in the year 2017 is the new scheme. The staff that fall into this category are the employed staff from January 2010 till date. Staff employed before January, 2010 are excluded from the scheme. Encapsulated the policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria to solve the pension challenges in the country. Highlighted, it is contributory and mandatory for all categories of workers both in the public and private sectors. The amended Pension Reform Act 2014 gives more powers to Pension Commission (PENCOMM) to regulate the Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) and Pension Fund Custodians (PFCs).


The Pension and gratuity unit of the Directorate of Audit is to ensure the computation of Gratuity and monthly pension of all retired staff are correctly calculated. We are to deduct all debt owed by the retired staff and ensure compliance with the University rules and regulation in respect of payment of final entitlement to the retirees. In addition, the wards school fees can be deducted from the monthly salary if such is approved by the Vice Chancellor


Projects Stores and Creditors Unit:

This unit deals with major capital purchases, constructions. The major capital projects refer to all purchases that can be classified as fixed assets, with a useful life of more than one year. These include the construction of new buildings or infrastructure, physical alteration to existing building or infrastructure, acquisition of equipment and furniture. Such purchases are primarily funded from the University’s capital vote, TETFUNDS, NEED Assessments or other bodies saddle with the responsibility as the need arises. Departments make their requests for Capital purchases in writing, and send to the Vice-Chancellor who in turn  present such to the University Tenders Board accordingly.

Functions of Internal Audit regarding Project

  • Open a file for the contractor after obtaining the award letter.
  • Understand the content of the award letter and the interpretation
  • Obtain the bill of quantity from the project supervisor.
  • Contact the Department \ End User to ensure that the job was done satisfactorily
  • Vet the memo prepared by the Physical Planning for correctness and accuracy of the figures
  • Visit the site to ensure the level of Certificate prepared by the Supervisor correspond with the level of work done
  • Discuss any observation with the concerned; supervisor, supplier, contractor or the management where necessary.
  • Verify the voucher in respect of it authority, authenticity and accuracy
  • Process the voucher to ensure that all correct figures were ticked
  • Update monitoring chart and insert for signing by the supervisor of the unit
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