About Treasury Services

There are two subdivisions under Treasury Services. They are Revenue Unit and Price Intelligent Unit.


Revenue Unit

(i)   To identify the sources of Revenue generated by the University

(ii) To ensure proper internal control on the remittances of the University revenue

(iii) To prevent loss of funds through frauds, theft or other financial irregularities.

(iv) To give adequate records of all incomes and revenue due to the University.

(v)  To facilitate the earning of maximum possible income through efficient and effective deployment of revenue.

(vi) To monitor distribution of fund/ income when University is in alliance with other organizations.

Price Intelligent Unit (PIU): this unit deals with minor and direct labour projects. There are some projects according to the digression of the Vice Chancellor that can be executed internally by the staff of Physical Planning and the Directorate of works and Maintenance Services. These are carried out through Local Purchase Order or Direct Purchase. The unit ensures that the University gets a fair value for all goods purchased or supplied. The value for money is being observed.  Independent evidence – based investigation which examines and reports on the three E’S of value for money audit. All laws and financial guideline governing release of cash advance are followed

Major Audit Focus

  1. Ensure that the product is at fair price
  2. Ensure that the material paid for were supplied and used for the purpose it was purchased
  3. Ensure that cash advance released form is used for its purpose accordingly

Staffer on CONTISS below 5 in the non- teaching cannot apply for cash cash advance as Departmental representative

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